Official Book Launch and Signing Event in Las Vegas

Official Book Launch and Signing Event in Las Vegas

Please join us as we celebrate Mitzi’s book launch at the new, elegant D’Coffee Shop at 4255 S. Durango Las Vegas on Feb 9th from 7-9pm. For everyone who purchases a book, Mitzi will sign the book, you will receive a special gift from Mitzi. and D’Coffee will take 10% off your food bill if you decide to eat dinner. There are also organic teas and coffee to select from.
Front entrance is on the north side with parking also on the south side.

Awaken to Your Inner Authentic Beauty will take you on an inward journey that will awaken the inner beauty within you so that you may shine your beauty out for others to see.

If you have ever had a negative body image, low self-esteem, or feel as if you don’t measure up to society’s standards of what you should look like, then this book is for you. I lovingly share ways that helped me to overcome my own negative self-image, and offer you tips on how to build your self-esteem and confidence, healthy ways of living, and how to awaken and let your inner beauty shine.

v Look and feel more confident and radiant
v Discover specific ways to nurture yourself and bring more creativity pleasure, passion and play into your life
v Learn how to own your beauty and express your sensuality without shame
v Let go of the struggle with food and weight so that you can focus on what really matters to you
v Develop self care practices that keep you feeling truly nourished, cared for and connected

Mitzi Reed is a nourishing-lifestyle and certified sacred-self-care coach and a certified emotional-detox coach. She empowers women to awaken and embrace their authentic inner and outer beauty so they have the confidence to step out in the world. This book is designed to help you create beauty from the inside out.


“Thanks Mitzi for sharing your personal story of struggle to triumph. You really inspired me!” Lori Chaffin, Hawaii Wellness Magazine

“This book will change the way you feel about yourself from the inside out.” Stephanie Larson, personal life coach

“Mitzi not only shares her struggle with her own body image issues, she shares how she overcame them with tips, affirmations, and insightful, thought provoking questions to really get to the root of the issue so that you too can feel and look radiant from the inside out.” Maria Logan, Real Estate

“This book has helped me to live healthy and happy and free of self critical thoughts of myself.” Loretta S.

If you can’t make it, you can still purchase the book at

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