Fun in the Sun

Well, today is officially summer and I don’t know where you live, however here in Vegas it’s definitely hot as it has been above 110 degrees the past few days.


The sun is good for us as it gives us light, heat and helps plants grow. It’s also is a good source of Vitamin D. Try to get out in the sun about 10-20 minutes daily and soak up that natural Vitamin D.


Too much though is not good so we need to protect ourselves. Wearing light colored clothing helps reflect the sun and heat and protects us from getting burned. Wearing a hat is another good idea. Sunglasses are good to have when it’s very bright. Staying hydrated is important.


I prefer the natural sunscreen products that you can get at the health food stores instead of the ones with toxic ingredients that absorb through our skin and can harm us. Make sure that it has zinc oxide as this is a great sunscreen ingredient.


You can also use coconut oil however that only blocks 20% of the rays so you can’t stay out as long or put more on after an hour or so. It’s great though for getting a tan and moisturizing. Also sesame oil is good and blocks about 30%. The best seed oil sunscreen would be Red Raspberry Seed oil as it has about 28-50 SPF and blocks the rays.


I get burned very easily with my fair skin so I have found some ways to help ease the pain and heal quicker.


Aloe Vera Gel is probably the number one go to item when you have a sunburn.


Vitamin E can be applied directly on the skin and also internally to help speed up healing. Vitamin C is an antioxident that helps speed up healing.


Honey is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.


A baking soda paste pulls out heat as the water evaporates. Also oatmeal paste or a bath can soothe the burn

 And lastly, stay cool this summer and please don’t leave children or pets in the car.

I am a nourishing lifestyle naturopath where I help you on your journey to health and wellness.  I am open to receive clients who are interested in a more natural way to healing and wellness. Please private message me or email me at to set up an appointment. I do skype/zoom and telephone consultations so I can help anyone around the world.








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