Holiday Eating and Celebrating

The holidays are upon us and although it can be a happy, joyous and festive time of year, it’s a time many of us deal with our body image and worry about putting on extra pounds. Families can sometimes have a way of triggering us, and we may be tempted at the office with so many clients giving us goodies or the office staff bringing in things, parties to attend, etc.

There are some people, including the media, that will make us feel guilty or try to get us to buy a diet program so we can be fit for the holidays or look good for the holidays. My advice- Do not fall victim to fad diets over the holidays. Diets don’t work and are short term. Why deny yourself the pleasure that comes around once a year?

Stop focusing on food so much and instead focus on enjoying being around those you love and the magical time of the season. Change the subject if the topic of food or weight comes up. Also, if you begin thinking negative thoughts such as criticism, shame or guilt, then think about something positive about yourself instead.

Enjoy life, and that includes indulging in foods during the holidays. You can have the foods just remember everything in moderation. Anticipate a five pounds of gain  then resume healthy eating afterward.  Stay healthy and nourish your body in mind, body and spirit.

Learn to cook your favorite holiday foods with healthy alternative ingredients.  Instead of sugar, use honey, stevia or other alternatives. Buy gluten free ingredients to make cookies, cakes, etc.

Tis the season to be jolly, so go ahead, and celebrate and be comfortable in the body you’re in at this time.