Spreading the Love-Testimonials


“I was at first hesitant to invest in myself and have you as my coach because I didn’t believe I was worthy, I believed that I should be investing in other type of programs that would help my business, and I believed that living a nourishing lifestyle where I put myself first was not that important. I have been following you for awhile and thought to myself, I would love to be comfortable in my own skin, have the confidence, and passion that you have. You always appear positive, energetic, and happy and are doing exciting things with your life. So, I decided to sign up. I have more confidence, and more courage to show my authentic self and as a result, my life has become more fulfilling. I value myself more. I take more risks. I have come to realize and appreciate that taking care of myself on all levels is a priority and I look forward to my appointments with myself to nourish my mind, body and spirit. You took me deep into why I had limiting beliefs about myself and how to change those beliefs. I now know I am worth it and as a result my life and business is flourishing. I am forever grateful.”


“Thanks Mitzi for sharing your personal story of struggle to triumph. You really inspired me!” Lori Chaffin, Hawaii Wellness Magazine


“This book will change the way you feel about yourself from the inside out.” Stephanie Larson, personal life coach


“Mitzi not only shares her struggle with her own body image issues, she shares how she overcame them with tips, affirmations, and insightful, thought provoking questions to really get to the root of the issue so that you too can feel and look radiant from the inside out.”   Maria Logan, Real Estate


“This book has helped me to live healthy and happy and free of self critical thoughts of myself.” Loretta S.



The meeting of January 6 featured a presentation by Rotarian Mitzi Reed, speaking on her recently published book,Awaken Your Inner Authentic Beauty. A dynamic speaker and coach, Mitzi offered information on how to awaken and embrace one’s authentic inner self and outer beauty.  In doing so, she urged listeners to develop the confidence to “step out” in the world. Her message, designed to help listeners “create beauty from inside out,” was well received by those in attendance. She will be conducting a book signing on February 9th from 7-9pm at the newD’Coffee Shop at 4255 S. Durango, Las Vegas.  Hopefully you can make it and we can show our support.


After having a wicked two week period of whatever can go wrong will world, I stopped the merry go round and headed to the mountains – no not to jump off a cliff but to attend Mitzi Reed’s Aspire Conference.  I have to say I am thankful I did because it brought me back to center and I now know that my life will readjust back to it’s usual joyful self and I can now laugh about what has transpired in the last two weeks.  Thank you Mitzi for pulling me off the merry go round in time.

Ann Parenti
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It was great pleasure to attend the Sacred Self  Care Retreat. I enjoyed the location- Kyle Canyon, massage and healthy food, and most of all your insights and sharing regarding self body image, which is one of the main areas I have been working on lately. I especially appreciated the group sharing excises, which allows me to refine “who I AM” again and again.

Thank you