It’s 2016 and sexism still runs rampant in our society. The Olympics is a sporting competition, not a beauty pageant. It’s a show of how athletic and strong someone is and compete with others who are also athletic and strong. They are the best of the best of all the athletes around the world. It’s a time for all countries to take these few days, and stop all war and violence and come together to watch, celebrate and honor the best athletes in the world. It is not, like a Fox guest stated, “the goal of training, working hard and going to the Olympics is to win product endorsements”. These two guests said that the “gals” should put makeup on, a little blush, etc. as no one wants to see their “zits”.

Gabby Douglas, a Gold Medal all around gymnast is condemned for her hair.

Hungarian World Breaker Swimmer Katinka Hosszu’s husband was credited for her outstanding performance by saying “And here’s the man responsible”.

Yes, there are people who help us along our way, whether it is our parents, our coaches, mentors and teachers. However, you can’t make a person have the inner motivation and drive and passion and even make their body perform beyond what they are capable of or willing to do. The person is ultimately the one who decides how much and how far he or she is willing to go. Allow the athlete to give credit to someone if they feel they deserve some credit.

Bronze Medal Winner Corey Cogdell where they didn’t mention her name but focused on her NFL husband (I won’t mention his name).

How about an anchor who after observing a group of female athletes, said “might as well be standing in the middle of the mall”. Has anyone ever said that about male athletes who huddle together?

A male announcer who said the male swimmers height measurements only yet he describes the female swimmer as “statuesque 6’2”.

As an athlete, it is expected that people will look at their bodies, their form, their strength, and skills whatever the specific sport is that they are involved in. There are certain muscles that are involved in each sport that are worked on more than others even though most of them are whole body workouts. It is expected and natural for an athlete to sweat, to have their hair messed up, or some blemishes, scars, scratches, etc. The uniforms are made to make sure they are comfortable and have as little distraction as possible. It’s not a fashion show.

It takes hours and years of practice to perform this good and win. What they wear or don’t wear, whether they have a strand of hair loose, whether they have blemishes, whether they wear makeup or not, is not what makes them an athlete. Hard work, practice, dedication, motivation, focus, high tolerance of pain, sacrifices made, skill, and the desire are the qualities that are important to being an Olympian champion.

I am proud of our Olympian Champions and I applaud all the athletes from every country for representing their country.

Mitzi Reed

Award Winning Author of Awaken to Your Inner Authentic Beauty












ASPIRE Conferences, LLC


Awaken to Your Inner Beauty Series

Sacred Self Care Retreat


April 9, 2016

at the beautiful Mt. Charleston Visitor Center

2525 Kyle Canyon Rd, Mt Charleston, NV 89124

10 am – 3 pm

$50 includes lunch/snacks, massage and an intention candle

Limited to 20 amazing women


Spend a day with us at Mt. Charleston in a fun, relaxing, rejuvenating, nurturing, empowering and supportive environment


  • Savor a healthy lunch and snack
  • Experience a relaxing massage
  • Get your body moving in a gentle, loving way
  • Explore the aromas and uses of essential oils
  • Develop self care practices that keep you feeling truly
  • nourished, cared for and connected


Note: Bring a journal and wear comfortable clothing for movement.  We are also collecting personal care items to put in bags for women in local shelter.


Please send payment to: ASPIRE Conferences, LLC

P.O. Box 50695

Henderson, NV 89016

or email if you want to pay by credit card mitzisreed@gmail.com




MITZI (3)Mitzi Reed is a Nourishing Lifestyle and Sacred Self Care Coach Certified Sacred Self Care Coach Certified Emotional Detox Coach and author of Awaken to Your Inner Authentic Beauty.

Mitzi empowers women to awaken and embrace their authentic inner and outer beauty so they have the confidence to step out in the world.

Designed to help you create beauty from the inside out. Mitzi will take you on an inward journey that will awaken the inner beauty within you so that you can feel and look confident, successful, sexy and beautiful just as you are!

She will offer you tips on how to build your self-esteem and confidence, healthy ways of living, and how to awaken and let your inner beauty shine.


Simple SmileMarquetta Goodwin is the founder of International Girlfriend. Her journey from a homeless child, to working in the corporate world, and becoming a world-traveled mentor for free spirited women who’ve lost their spark gives her a unique perspective that inspires everyone she meets to create their own magic, take bold action and know they can live the life they desire.

Marquetta will be taking us on a journey and sharing with us her unique ways of using essential oils to enhance and manifest your desires in life.

BookSIgningHeadshotMindi Anderson is a Behavioral Wellness Partner, Speaker and Author. A lifelong student of human psychology and how it relates to the habits we form in life. She founded The Inspired Life to partner with people from all walks of life in Las Vegas, the US and abroad: to create individualized circles of wellness for a life of complete prosperity in mind, body and soul. A trained and certified pilates and yoga instructor, she has over 300 hours of training, coupled with certifications in nutrition, making her a true partner for persons seeking to lead a balanced lifestyleLoralee Humpherys’ path has led her to being a bodyworker, massage therapist and Reiki Master with over 15 years of experience. Having worked on innumerable massage and bodywork clients, plus her journey of learning to love and understand her body, she has developed a deep understanding of the mind/body connection.

5614_myheadLoralee will be offering brief massages and Body-Connect Energy Assessments to participants. These assessments aid you in connecting with information held within your body that can support you in becoming more self aware, make more informed decisions, and feel more at peace and resolved with yourself and what your life has been thus far.