I have been there so I understand

I have struggled with this and am still struggling as I am going through changes. I know what’s it like to have physical pain, to struggle with weight no matter what you do. I have received the insensitive, ignorant remarks about if I just stop eating, eat the right foods and exercise, etc then I wouldn’t have this problem. People don’t understand that sometimes things are beyond your control no matter what you do. People with back, neck knee or other injuries that prevent them many activities, hormones, thyroid, metabolism, etc out of whack and you are going through the process to see what works, etc. Negative body image because of people including yourself judging, criticizing, body shaming, etc. I know how it feels. I have been there. I have chronic neck pain due to an automobile accident that was not my fault. I have a thyroid and adrenal issue. Stress has caused havoc on my body. I have been on the roller coaster of weight gain and loss.I have found ways to help me overcome my own negative body image and how to take care of myself. I wrote about my struggles and how I overcame them in my new book, Awaken to Your Inner Authentic Beauty. Perhaps it will help and inspire you as well.