Win a FREE copy of Fixate Cookbook

Untitled designI have been on a program a while now and am feeling and seeing the results and I want to share with you what I have been doing to gain more energy, strength, toning and firming up and losing some weight as well.
This month, I’m helping as many people as possible take their next step towards their strongest life and create healthy habits! Those who join my Summer Slimdown on June 20th, will be put in a drawing to win a FREE copy of Fixate, which is full of delicious, quick recipes, even has many vegan options, and plan has a complete vegan plan too for those who want plant based options Three weeks of focused commitment. Can you give me that? (And guess what, the occasional chocolate and glass of wine is totally allowable in our 3 weeks!)All it takes is a commitment to simple eating & 30 minute home workouts. If I can do the 30 minute workouts with my bad neck and a little extra baggage I hang on to (lol!) and all the traveling I do, then so can you! Contact me on FB or mitzi at aspiringconferences dot com

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